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  thermal camera PRT-T9
Product Name:thermal camera PRT-T9
Product S/N:5521505717
Product Feature:thermal camera PRT-T9
Product Class:00.Anti-epidemic
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    Product Description

Temperature&Fever Detection is quite essential to control the epidemic of novel Coronavirus in such situation.

newly released FRT-T9 Thermal Camera with blackbody is high resolution, high accuracy and high efficient Thermal&Temperature detection equipment.

Resolution: 384*288
Accuracy: ±0.3℃
Detection Efficiency: >100 persons/Min

This model is applicable for schools, hospitals, factories, offices, stations, and other public places to detect the human body temperature and support to find people with fever.

It can also help you to get more sales and new customer resources, and reduces the impact of COVID-19.

Besides, we also provide full range products to control the epidemic of novel Coronavirus

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